Tennis Coaching - Summer Term 2017

During the Summer Term we shall be employing a team of tennis coaches to give expert coaching to the girls. Your daughter will have the opportunity of being taught in a small group for 1/2 an hour a week during her normal PE lessons or lunchtimes. In order to facilitate a complete half hour lesson for your daughter, the lessons might have to run beyond lesson time and into lunch. The girls may therefore need to walk out to and back from the Tennis Centre in small groups of at least three or more, unaccompanied by a teacher.

This year the coaching to student ratio will be 1:6 in order to give your daughters the most intensive coaching session possible. The course will run for approximately 8 weeks and the total cost will be £60 which will be added to your termly bill.

If you would like your daughter to join in the tennis course please complete the form below (one form per child).

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